“The programme is complimentary; however, space is limited
and we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment”

“The dive sites are in some of the most exotic and pristine
waters in the world. The exact days and dive locations will be
determined by tides and local conditions. The notification of
the locations will be announced on board”

These are two quotes taken from the SILVERSEA brochure.  The taste wetter also explains that you need to be at least Advanced Open Water Certified from an accredited Certification Agency.

I like “complimentary” diving programmes!  Makes me wonder exactly how much money we’re talking about having to shell out for the cruise itself…  I’ll bet LOTS!  Maybe when I get rich I’ll take the time to find out how much one of these ‘cruises’ even costs.  In the mean time, maybe I’ll open up one of those Carnival Cruise get-ya emails that I receive about daily and see what the latest cruise, $300 drink package and family snorkel will cost me these days.

If you’ve recently won the lottery, are made of money or average scuba diving travel seems to be a monumental let down these days, make sure to check out SILVERSEA right now and part with that wad of cash that’s been weighing you down lately.  Also, if you have ever been on a SILVERSEA voyage or know anybody that has, please do post a comment here and let us all know how good the travel life really can get!  I guess that I’m curious to know more now.  😉







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