Notably, many pointed that the country is truly a swimmer’s paradise. Here are the top five diving destinations for you.
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The Philippines is considered by many as one of the world’s best diving spots especially when one gets to experience swimming in its clear waters and among the coral reefs. One can find plenty of diving spots in the country with a lot of great dive resorts. If you’re headed to this side of the world soon and want to do see some breathtaking marine life, here are five placed that you should check out.

Monad Shoal, Malapascua. If you want to swim with the sharks, head to Monad Shoal, the diving spot known to many as an ideal destination for viewing the predators. Even if the sharks aren’t present when you’re diving in the reef, you can see various marine life like squid, octopus, barracuda, Moorish idols, eels, and lionfish.

Ticao Pass, Masbate. The Ticao Pass is known as the Manta Bowl of the country. There’ll be plenty of manta rays swimming across the waters of the pass. Occasionally, there’ll be whale sharks making their way to the Pass so that they can arrive at Donsol.

Puerto Galera, Mindoro. There are over 40 diving sites found in Puerto Galera, and they’re all ranging from the peaceful and to what they consider as dangerous. Verde Island and Long Beach are where you can simply chill and relax while Sabang and Washing Machine are for hardcore divers.

Coron Bay, Palawan. There’s a Japanese warship called the Morazan Maru that sank duri,ng WWII, making the area perfect for diving because of the unique attraction. Moreover, Coron Bay is where you can find rich and diverse marine life. Schools of fish, turtles and even sea snakes can be found near the wreckage.

Tubbataha Reef National Park in Sulu Sea, Palawan. The famed reef is home to 600 fish species, 360 coral species, 11 shark species, and 13 dolphin and whale species according to the Islands of the Philippines. Not to mention, this diving site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a national park.

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