Florida Scuba Diving Sculptures

It’s not every day you get to flipper-kick your way through the staterooms of a sunken ship and gaze at artwork while you’re at it. But for scuba divers who visit Fort Lauderdale, it’s as simple as paying a visit to the Lady Luck, an underwater art exhibit located off the coast of Pompano Beach.

It’s the latest addition to Shipwreck Park Pompano, a cluster of shipwrecks off the coast of Pompano Beach. The centerpiece is the Lady Luck, a 324-foot tanker vessel built in 1967 that was sunk off Pompano Beach on July 23, 2016.

As divers swim in and around the ship (which is as long as a football field), they are treated to underwater artwork created by local artist Dennis MacDonald. We’re talking poker tables, “card sharks,” slot machines on the ship’s deck, a cascade of gigantic dice, starfish and an octopus dealing craps.

All make for great scuba selfies.