Spyderco Salt H-1 Steel Knife Shows NO RUST!

I love knives!  We use knives on a daily basis so we should all be appreciators.  Maybe you like spoons more than knives…  me, I’m a knife guy.

Here’s a knife that I recently took diving with me in my BC, in the Caribbean for two weeks.  On purpose, I never rinsed the knife with fresh water.  WHOA!  Who would do a crazy thing like that?!  Me.  But only because of the manufacturer’s claim that the knife does NOT rust.  The knife we’re talking about here is the Spyderco Salt H-1 Steel Knife and it’s a helluva blade for under a hundred bucks!  I liked it so much, I bought my brother one.  If you’re looking for a great knife for scuba diving, look no further.  Here it is.

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Knife after two weeks of diving in the Caribbean and not rinsed with any fresh water!