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For those with a penchant for underwater exploring, taking the plunge to go deep sea diving means either buying or renting a whole lot of expensive equipment. that’s the predicament the ‘scorkl’ sets out to solve, arriving from melbourne to make easy underwater breathing accessible to anyone trained to try it. manufactured to the same specifications and standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder, all you need do is pump up the appealing yellow canister with its specially designed hand pump and the pint-sized device will enable you to breath underwater for up to ten minutes. scoring one up on the standard snorkel, the ‘scorkl’ lets you dissappear beneath the surface of the ocean with no need to surface to take a breath.
just pump up scorkl using the portable hand pump and you’re ready to go
all images courtesy of david hallamore

the device uses a mouthpiece just like a regular snorkel, yet replaces the air tube that requires you to constantly be at the surface of the water with a mini, water-bottle like air canister, freeing you up dive wherever you like. the scorkl uses an always-on, breathe-on-demand, balanced single stage regulator, relying on proven technology found in regulators used by SCUBA divers around the world. each scorkl also comes with a pressure gauge which tells you how much air is left at any time. once the mini canister is empty, it can easily be refilled on the go via the portble pump.
the pint-sized air canister allows for 10 minutes of underwater breathing

the pump works by filling the scorkl with air at a very high pressure of up to 3,000psi+, which allows for a full ten minutes underwater. each scorkl also comes with a scuba tank refill adapter, meaning that you can refill it from a larger SCUBA air canister instead should you prefer.
each scorkl has a built-in pressure gauge to tell you how much air is left

scorkl creator david hallamore explains that his idea was just to create a simpler way for everyone to be able to enjoy exploring under water, without the need for pricey kit. ‘scorkl opens up a whole new world of underwater adventures at a fraction of the cost and hassle of traditional diving equipment’ he explains. ‘I think that it’s a real game changer for anyone who loves the water.’ as tempting as the device may look, it’s certainly one for those with some scuba training under their belt.
the scorkl uses a mouthpiece just like a regular snorkel
the device comes in a with a hand pump, a regulator, and an adapter for filling up from bigger SCUBA cannisters
scorkl aims to open up underwater exploration to everyone
the breathing device uses an always-on, breath-on-demand regulator
the device means that anyone can swim underwater
the scorkl is meant for both professional divers and recreational snorklers
when the mini canister is empty, just pump it up to refill
the device is manufactured to the same specifications and standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder



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