British Virgin Islands the Right Way

While channeling your inner Robinson Crusoe to explore the mini caves and tunnels of The Baths might be riotous, there’s…
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Scary Frogmen

Despite cutting edge tech and defense systems, one diver can still cause lots of damage. Jayme Pastoric / U.S. Navy…
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Good Shark Diving Destinations

Hanging with sharks seems like a risky proposition, but those who give it a try have found swimming with sharks…
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Tips for easing into solo travel

Since 2012, Kristin Addis has been traveling the world. More often than not, she's solo. The former investment banker decided…
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Six Beach Reads

Why settle for beach reads in spirit when you can read literal beach books? From harrowing accounts of 100-foot rogue…
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47 Meters Down Movie

Just as we’re getting a rash of shark sightings off the coasts of California, “47 Meters Down” is hitting theaters.…
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No more SCUBA diving after 2050

Lauren Mowery Fijian dive sites still teem with beautiful fish and coral. Yesterday, Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris climate…
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Scorkl Underwater Breathing Device

We wish this product and its producers the best of luck!  How cool!   For those with a penchant for…
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Death Mask?

    This mask might just kill ya... H20 Voyager 180 Image: Dakster Sullivan The H20 Voyager full face snorkel…
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