Living The Dream Divers on Grand Cayman

Do you have a dream to one day drop everything you’re doing at your real-life day job and move to some place tropical?  How will you make money in paradise?  How will you live???  Well, here’s a couple that’s figured out how to do just that.  Gary and Liz Frost, are the owners of Living The Dream Divers.  They moved away to the tropical delight of an island, Grand Cayman and setup a dive company!  It seems like they’re Living The Dream to me!

Some members of our small Salty Dogs team decided to check out Grand Cayman over the holidays and while there, we hooked up with Living The Dream Divers on the west coast of Grand Cayman.  There the water is mostly calm and clear and extremely enticing to any traveler from the cold climates that’s aching to jump in and go diving!  The dives were a lot of fun and we would like to send out a thank you for all the memories, to our friends, Gary, Liz and especially to Scott Hartwell our dive guide, who is an outstanding human being and representative for Living The Dream Divers!  Happy New Year, friends!

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Living The Dream Divers, GRAND CAYMAN