Inexpensive Waterproof Compass Review

Sometimes having a compass with you while scuba diving is extremely handy.  And some of the electronic compasses that you find on higher end dive computers (electronic compasses) need to be calibrated too often in order to be useful if you forget to do so right before your dive.

Here’s a cool compass from ScubaPro for under $100…

I ordered one of these ScubaPro compasses and it’ll be here in a couple of days.  After I receive it, I’ll take some pics and edit this article with their addition.  Also, we’ll get these into the water soon and check them out and report back.

Precise Navigation Anywhere in the World

The FS-2 compass provides a unique tilt angle of up to 35 degrees, making it easier to read and operate in almost any position.

With a floating magnet separate from the compass rose, the FS-2 has greater operating freedom than conventional compasses. This means you can use the same compass for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, making it the perfect navigation instrument for traveling divers.

Technical Information

  • Scratch-resistant and durable oil-filled polycarbonate case.
  • Highly luminous dial for easy reference in low light conditions.
  • Side view window for easy and accurate navigation.
  • P/N: 05.017.101.

And here’s a compass from Phantom Aquatics for under $30

The build quality and feel of the Phantom Aquatics Compass is decent.  -Not great.  Not terrible.  I like that it’s made in Taiwan as opposed to being made in China.  That usually means better build quality and attention to detail IMHO.

Happy and SAFE diving!




Welcome to Divetech!

If you are ever in the area of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DiveTech as a dive operator choice.  It’s a top shelf operation with really good people running the show.  They run ScubaPro rental equipment and even have lovely accommodations for rent.  My family and I had a super terrific time diving with the DiveTech crew.  Nice facilities, nice boat, great people.  It was a slam dunk decision for us to choose this operator for most of our diving while on Grand Cayman.  The costs were reasonable as well.  All of our crew had a great time!  Check out some of our pictures…  Fun times!!!  Photos taken with SeaLife Micro 2.0 and SeaDragon 2500.  The SeaLife Micro 2.0 housing leaked on a 65 feet dive, I would NOT recommend the camera to anybody.

DiveTech, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands



Guardian Of The Reef

Everything’s OKAY!

Green Moray Eel

These dive tattoos are EXCELLENT!  They stayed on throughout a bunch of dives before showing any wear.

DiveTech’s pretty pink dive boat.  🙂





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